Without the villain, our Bollywood films are incomplete. In our Bollywood industry, there are some villains who see an image of villains in front of us, whether they are villains in that movie or not. Today we will tell you something like this Going to tell about their daughters, you will see your hoses going on seeing the beautiful daughters of these villains

Amrish Puri
You must have heard this dialogue, "Mugambo was happy", Amrish Puri has changed the definition of the villain from his strong performance, Amrita Puri's daughter Namrata is a costume designer.

Prem Chopra

"Prem, Prem Chopra is Naam Me" This dialogue will be remembered. L Prem Chopra has reduced Bollywood in more than 50 years and he has worked in more than 400 films, Prem Chopra has three daughters named Prerna Chopra, Rakita Chopra and Punita Chopra. Prerna Chopra's husband is the famous Bollywood actor Sharman Joshi.


Ranjit is a famous villain of Hindi films, his daughter Divyanka is a fashion designer.
Danny Denzongpa

It can not be that it is a matter of the villains of Hindi films and Danny Denzongpa's name did not come in. Danny Denzongpa has shown her love in films like Fatal. Danny's beautiful daughter's name is Prema Danjongpa.

Shakti Kapoor

Bollywood's Nandu Sabka Bandu i.e. Shakti Kapoor does not know. Shraddha Kapoor, daughter of Shakti Kapoor, has been debuting with Bollywood film Ashikya, Shraddha Kapoor is very active on social media, with Twitter having 8.3 million followers.