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Aksar 2 Actress Zareen Khan Create Controversy Over Kissing Scenes and bold scene

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Recent release movie of Bollywood Aksar 2  Actress Zarine Khan has often flopped 2 but Veer Movie Fame Actress has made serious allegations against the director and producer of this movie.

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During a media interview, Zareen told that her kissing scene has been shown long enough and she has been shown in very little clothes in the entire movie. 
In this interview given to Spot Boy, Zarine has charged a sensation

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She said that he will no longer work with this movie maker Varun Bajaj Zarina further revealed that during the promotion of the movie, she had to face tampering.
According to Zareen, during the promotion in Delhi, a crowd of 40 to 50 people broke down and at that time the security was too low and the makers were busy drinking beer and eating food.

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Jarhan said that when the makers brought him 2 movies often, he had said that this Hate Story 3 would not be Jessie Movie and it would be a clean movie.

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During the shooting, they were asked to change the little clothes, again and again.
We can not say anything on the allegations leveled by Jairan, but if there is anything wrong with him then action should be taken for it.

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