A gentlemanA gentleman

After The Superb 2 Weeks On Box Office and The Outstanding Performance Of Movie Toilet Ek Prem Katha, Box Office Become Dry and See No and few Viewers In Cinemas.Only A gentleman Collected  Few Cr On Box Office India But The Collection is Very Dull Consider The Coast and Stars. 
Movie Opened On Friday and Collected 3.75 Cr which was very low. Second day which was Saturday movie did not grow much on Box Office and Collected Dull 4.00 Cr and The Last Hope Of The Movie Sunday was also Dull and Movie Finish its Weekend Collection on 12.25 Cr with the Sunday collection of 4.50 Cr. 
Movie saw a Drop On Monday and collected only 1.50 Cr. The Total Collection Of The Movie Is Now Stand On 13.75 Cr and Movie is looking to finish on 20 Cr which will be Disaster Status For Movie.

The Total Box Office Collection Of The Movie - 

Friday Collection - 3.75 Cr 

Saturday Collection - 4.00 Cr

Sunday Collection - 4.50 Cr

Monday Collection - 1.50 Cr

The Total Box Office Collection - 13.75 Cr Net In India   Disaster 

Baabumoshay Bandukbaaz performed poorly on Box Office but Considering The Leading Coast Of The Movie,The Loss Of The Producer Is low. Movie opened On 1.25 Cr note and Collected 4.00 Cr Over The Weekend which was Poor and Movie Crashed on Monday and collected very low 65 Lacks.

The Total Box Office Collection - 

Friday Collection -1.25 Cr

Saturday Collection - 1.25 Cr

Sunday Collection - 1.50 Cr

Monday Collection - 65 Lacks 

The Total Box Office Collection  - 4.65 Cr  Flop