Year 2016 has many controversies in its pockets.Some big controversy make big immpect on media and peoples .These stories covered by press and news channel. We are going to tell you about year 2016 controversies.

Here are the Top 5 -

1. Katrina kaif and Ranbir kapoor Breakup -


This is very shocking for us because they are love each other and having a long relationship. The beginning of the year 2016,has started with Ranbir and Katrina breakup.what happen on this relationship ? no answer of that question but they decided for quit the lovely relationship. the couple will see in Anurag kashyap 's Upcoming Movie Jagga Jasoos but due to breakup this movie take long time to complete its shooting and movie delay again and again to release on box office. We fans is waiting for this movie because we love kat and Ranbir.

2. Aamir Khan talked about intolerance in India -


This is a very big controversy in India. Media highlighted this news on big label. Aamir is known for his decent talk with media and for his work. He always worked for social and he has social image. In 2016, He talked with media about intolerance in India at an event. This event organised for completing of 10 years of movie Rang De Basanti. The Statement of Dangal Acor Aamir Created controversy on Intolerance topic. After this controversy, Aamir clear his statement and said that he love India and He love to Stay in India.

3. Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut Controversy -


If you think that Kangana is responsible for divorce between Hrithik and His Wife Sujen, Some Says Yes and Some Says No. but anything happen between Hrithik,Sujen and Kangana, We don't no. Kangana Said in media that Hrithik is silly Ex Boyfriend of her. Hrithik Think deeply on this statement and clear his stand on kangana. He Send kangana A Legal Notice demanding a Unconditional Apology. Kangan gave reply to Hrithik and leak the news to media about Affair. Kangana is always stay bold on this topic but Hrithik is not say on media about this topic.

4. Salman Khan Statement on raped women -


Salman Khan and Controversy are Common thing. Salman Khan always has controversy in his pocket. Salman khan is not a media friendly person but he always have media coverage.So Controversy is running with Salman khan. During the sultan movie interview ,Salman statement create controversy. Salman Khan Compared his condition and feeling after wrestling training with being raped.Indian Media take his statement and made controversy on it. the father Of Salman Khan Apologise for his son statement on women.

5. Ajay Devgn,Karan Johar and Kamal R Khan Controversy -


Shivaay Movie ActorAjay Devgn Released A Tap on Media which has recording between KRK and Kumar Mangat. Kumar Mangat was producer of the movie Shivaay. In this Conversion KRK is heard making a claim about having received Rs.25 Lacks from Karan Johar to tweet positive about karan Johar Movie Ae Dil Hai Muskil and tweet Negative about Shivaay. Ajay Devgn wanted to investigate this matter and karan Johar Made clear on this.