Movie - Raees                           

Verdict - 3.5* Out Of 5*

Plot and Story -

The Movie Is About A Character whose name is Raees (Shahrukh khan). He is a Gangster of Gujrat whose Selling Wine when Wine Selling and Buying is Illegal.A Police Officer name Jhatak Majmudar (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) Want to Arrest Raees For Illegal Works. A Lover Of Raees Ashiya (Mahira Khan) and Wife Also.The Movie Set on 1980 India.What happen Between A Cop And A Gangster.Movie is All about Raees.

Script,Screen Play ,Editing,Action and Dialogue -

The Script of the movie is very tight and fast.The movie show Gujrat when Wine was prohibited for Selling and buying.Script is written by Rahul Dholkia,Harit mehta,Aashish Washi and Niraj Shukla. Definitely i say this Movie Script is very good.In this movie not a Single Dull Moment.Movie is fast Faced.Screen play is also Good.Every Character Entry in the movie is Very is Edited by Deepa Bhatiya. Deepa's Editing for this movie is Excellent.Editing is very crisp. Action of the movie is on top.Action Scene of the movie is Daring.Well crafted and Educated Action in the movie.Dialogue of the movie is a highlight points of the movie.Dialogues are Terrific and Target the Viewers. Dialogues like "Baniye ka Dimag aur Miyabhai ki Daring","Ammi Jaan Kahti thi koi Dandha Chota nahi hota Aur Dandhe se bada koi Dharm Nahi Hota was Hit The Masses.So Movie Dialogues are Excellent.

Direction - 
Direction of the Rahul Dholakia is Very Good.He Deliver his best for the movie.He set the movie Background in 1980 Gujrat. Narration of the movie is effectively Show up.Direction is Stylish and Crisp.

Shahrukh Khan Delivered his best performance.He Play a Ganster of Gujraat Whose A Smulgar of illegal wine.He is the soul of the movie. Srk acting on top notch.He look like A Gangster in the movie.He is Anti hero in the film. Srk Dialogue Delivery is fantastic. Nawazuddin Siddiqui is Excellent.He play a cop in the film very well.Both Srk and Nawaz Are Soul of the movie. Mahira khan as Lover and Wife of Raees is Perfect. She is look gorgeous in the film. Mahira acting is also good.

Music -
It is the major plus point for the movie.Ram Sampath Deliver his best work for the movie.His Music score is Excellent."Lailla Mai Lailla" Song Become Chartbuster. Zaalima is also Very good Song.

On the Whole - 
First half of the movie is Excellent.First half has lots of Drama Between Srk and Nawaz like Chor Police.First Half tell the Story Of Raees Rising and Become A Powerful Gangster.Some Love making Scene Between Srk and Maahira.
So First Half Is Entertaining.Second half of the movie tell the Srk. Second Half Is a bit Slow in Some Scene but movie Always Pickup Well.Second Half has best Action Scenes of the movie. Srk Revenge Show in the second half.So Second Half is Very Good.
Climax is best but Srk Fans Will Disappointed by Its Climax.Climax is very Good and Well Ended.
Watch this movie For Its Script,Direction,Music and Off Course The Best Performance of Srk and Nawaz. Srk Deliver His Best. Srk In the movie is never than before.

Verdict: 3.5 */ 5*