Kaabil had a low start on day one and could not really pick up the pace and collected just 7.75-8 cr nett on day one. Krrish in 2006 had collected 6 cr nett on just 900 screens which this film on almost three times the screens and almost 11 years later hardly does much better. Kites in 2010 managed to open to 10 cr nett plus on 1600 screens. It sort of puts into perspective the initial of the film. 

The film did have a issue on release as a multiplex chain dropped its shows on day of release to favor Raees. But even here that multiplex chain had little choice as it had only opened advances a day earlier and seeing the difference in advances they would be losing business if they did not give Raees more screenings. Also it hardly makes any difference as if you can't collect on an X amount of shows you are hardly likely to do better if you have more shows, in fact its the opposite the occupancy will drop further..

                                                                                                                  Via Box Office India