Dangal (Hindi) continues to show excellent holds on its second Monday as it dropped just under 30% from its second Monday. The holds in North India are even stronger with with Delhi / UP dropping just 13% and East Punjab just 23%. The film is now being being driven hugely by North India  as North India is almost double of Mumbai circuit which rarely happens. Dangal will easily be the first film to cross the 100 cr nett mark in week two as it looks like a 115 cr nett second week which will be a record and depending on what happens over the third weekend it has chances to be the first Hindi film to reach 400 cr nett.

The daily second weekend business of Dangal (Hindi) till date is as follows - 
First Week - 1,92,46,00,000

Friday  - 18.00 Cr
Saturday - 22.00 Cr
Sunday - 30.75 Cr
Monday - 13.00 Cr
Second Weekend  - 83.75 Cr

GRAND TOTAL - 276.21 Cr Net India approx