Dangal has taken an very good opening of around 55-60% which is the second best opening of the year after Sultan but that was expected as the other competition was pretty weak. The advance of the film was strong especially for the post 5pm shows as the many multiplexes racked up record advances for the weekend beating Sultan. Dangal has opened to excellent numbers in the big cities but smaller towns are less. The film is Haryana based and it could be North leading the way  when normally its Mumbai and South for most Aamir Khan starrers barring a an exception like Dhoom 3. 

The huge plus is that its a family drama and its target audience will come in the evening and the weekend. The biggest negative for the film is that the holidays have fallen correctly for the film with Christmas and New Years Day falling on Sunday which is a holiday anyway. Sunday will get a boost but nothing like what would have happened on the weekdays but to compensate is the best period of the year with the Christmas holiday period last for ten days where the film rack up huge numbers until things go back to normal on 2nd January. The initial at big city multiplexes is on par with Dhoom 3 which is the biggest opener of Aamir Khan till date but smaller cities and it is they which will eventually decide how big the film can become.